As a singer, actress, director, and writer, Jasmine Guy was all over several high-profile hits during the '80s and '90s, including the TV series A Different World (a fantastic spin-off of The Cosby Show), Spike Lee's HBCU dramedy School Daze, and the Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor gangster comedy Harlem Nights. Since breaking through on A Different World in 1987, she has been a shining example of natural grace and beauty in a Hollywood scene that has become increasingly artificial. 

Aside from all of her vast creative talent, Guy is also one of the most memorable sex symbols of the past few decades. She has appeared in the trendiest magazines, the most popular red carpet events, and even a few chart-topping albums, and it was almost impossible for her to take a bad picture. To celebrate her 50th birthday, we're here to show off 50 Hot Photos of Jasmine Guy. Wait, aren't we supposed to be giving her the gift?

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