These sleek photos are of DJ BIJAL’s (fifth image) newest creation, Hotel BPM. From the name to the layout, the Sunset Park boutique hotel is clearly inspired by its creator’s musical background. The hotel features a Bose central sound system, and guests can make song or artist requests that will play through their own private speakers. All requests will be honored, provided that they’re in the catalog. Yes, all 76 rooms are soundproof.

Room prices start at $139 for a king bed, and rooms have thermostats that automatically adjust to your presence. The hotel doesn’t have its own kitchen, so the room service menu is filled with items from local establishments. DJ Bijal doesn’t foresee the place becoming a nightlife spot, but might get legal clearance to host rooftop parties.

For the moment, he’s just cool with getting out his dreams.

[via Gothamist]

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