Address: 3 Doyers St.

It gets no realer than a menu proudly announcing, "We use MSG." Props to the Excellent Pork Chop House for keeping it 100. The quick service, homey environment, and delicious comfort food don't hurt either.

I ordered the fried chicken over rice. The chicken (about the size of your palm) is fried but not battered, very juicy, and seasoned with all the MSG you need. Along with rice, the dish is topped with minced pork, pickled cabbage, and relish.

The pork chops and hand-pulled noodles are served over minced pork, pickled cabbage, and relish—a truly excellent dish. Pork can be difficult, but, as the name of the restaurant suggests, the meat comes correct here: tender, succulent, never dry. Add the wavy noodles and you've got one helluva meal.