So, it's pretty well known that people have sex in Prospect Park. In fact, there were over 2,000 condom wrappers and 600 condoms found in the park during a cleaning expedition last year. It's pretty much accepted, and as one park advocate said "I don’t care if people have sex—but all the little trails they leave behind are really bad for the forest floor."

To deal with the "littering" problem, the Prospect Park Litter Mob has constructed an area for the horndogs to get it in. Now, there's a 50-foot-long wood-lined path in the park's Midwood (that's hilarious) section thanks to the volunteers. Though a park spokesman says this wasn't done to encourage sex, we all known what the deal is.

Just remember to wrap it up, and then dispose of the aftermath. Love Mother Nature, and she'll love you right back.

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[via Gothamist]

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