5. Rather than trying to earn the respect of others, make them work for yours.

Don is impervious to the opinions of others. At least, that's what his co-workers would claim, after watching him walk out on countless clients because he finds their ideas to be dull and uninventive. 

Don never acts as though he needs anyone. He believes his worthiness of respect comes from his work. He doesn't feel the need to overcompensate in other areas and abhors when he's asked to(see the shade he throws Conrad Hilton when he's asked for personal advice and called in for seemingly meaningless late-night chats). His exasperated glances seem to say, "Doesn't my work speak for me?" He resents being tested, because he prefers to do the testing.

Think of Pete, and the way he always seems to respect Don almost as if by default, and craves his acceptance more than his wife Trudy's or even his own father's. Don doesn't dote on Pete, or dole out plentiful compliments like Lane. He gives him tough love, frequently pointing out Pete's failings while rarely apologizing for his own.

It's not fair, but it is effective. Take a tip from Don: Rarely apologize or admit your mistakes. Instead, act as if your every error is justified and purposeful. You're the creative man, and creative men don't make mistakes. They make bold moves simple minds can't understand. Respek!