In case you've managed to avoid all social media this morning (you're stronger than us!), today would have been the 57th birthday of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Nothing can ease the loss of our tech visionary, but we can at least offer a little comic relief.

Well, Kenny Powers can. The outrageously outspoken, down-and-out pitcher of HBO's Eastbound & Down brilliantly played by Danny McBride is back with yet another K-Swiss spot. In this almost five minute long ad, he takes a cue from Job's simple sense of fashion (black turtlenecks and blue jeans, all day, er day!).

Sure, Powers is not as tech savvy as Jobs was. But what he lacks in scientific reasoning, he makes us for with ample f-bombs and uncomfortable personal revelations, and a super-tight friendship with Bruce Lee. What more could you really want from an inventor?

[via YouTube]