Back in 2000, IBM and Trek Technology ushered in the first generation of USB flash drives—effectively starting the obsolescence of the floppy disk with a smaller size and more memory. Suffice to say, the technology advanced and became the favored platform for portable storage. With that advancement has come cheaper prices, which in turn has led to most people treating USB drives as if they're disposable. However, there are some who have made a hobby out of collecting these portables like Pokemon cards. Whatever your preference, we all can all agree it's extremely difficult to discover (let alone purchase) an awesome and dope looking memory stick. We rummaged through the generic and found a few gems: 50 to be exact. So if it's a multi-purpose saver you seek or a wacky storage novelty to kill some time while at the 9-to-5, plug yourself into this massive collection of the 50 Coolest USB Drives You Can Buy.