It feels like just yesterday, the first time we saw 2004’s Man on Firethe Tony Scott-directed action-thriller starring Denzel Washington—and finished the movie impressed not just with Denzel’s performance, but more so that of little Dakota Fanning. Only 10 years old at the time, Fanning was already a hot commodity amongst casting directors, having blown critics away in the 2001 drama I Am Sam and holding her own alongside a manic Mike Myers in the 2003 Dr. Seuss adaptation The Cat In The Hat. But, my, how the once-tiny girl has grown up.

First came the underwhelming flick Hounddog (2007), the one in which the then-13-year-old Fanning’s character suffered a brutal rape. Thankfully, her latest ascension into adulthood is much less disturbing—actually, it’s quite hot. On February 18th, the naturally pretty Fanning turned 18, ending the day-and-hour countdowns of guys who watched 2010’s The Runaways and uncomfortably thought, “Wow, that little girl from Man on Fire looks good.”

But why stop there? Now that we’re able to compliment Fanning on her exteriors, she joins a crop of young female celebs who make 30-plus men feel sinister for leering at with open mouths: The 25 Hottest Women Under 21. And here’s the best part: They’re all legal (or barely legal, rather), so it’s all good!

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