Police broke out the taser on an impatient woman who cut the drive-thru line at a North Carolina McDonald's. After an extended conversation asking her to wait in line like everyone else, employees called the cops, who spent another 20 minutes telling her to move before getting fed up with her shitty attitude and taking her down.

Apparently, this is a stunt that 37-year-old Evangeline Lucca pulls all the time because she likes to order and pay for her food at the pick-up window. Because, of course, she's special. A spokesperson from the Cumberland County Sheriff says Lucca "wasn't having any of it" when she was told she'd have to wait in like like every other paying customer.

The worst part is that Lucca's 3-year-old daughter was a witness to her mother's irrational behavior and subsequent tasing. Lucca was charged with second-degree trespassing and the little girl is in the custody of the state. Hey, you get it how you live.

[via Gothamist]

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