You have to love the "do it yourself" attitude of James Summers (second photo), a grifter who hit up a Madison, Wisconsin Denny's, announced that he was the new general manager and proceeded to prepare himself a meal. He was eventually arrested, but never broke character. That's dedication.

The 52-year Summers strolled into the restaurant last week dressed for the part, claiming to be the new manager. After dismissing the actual manager, he retreated to the kitchen to make himself a cheeseburger and fries, grabbing a free soda in the process.

As he dined, the true manager called the cops, but Summers kept his act going-even when they discovered a stun gun underneath his trench coat. When they asked if he had a permit for it, he delivered the golden "It's in the pipeline." They also discovered multiple crack pipes in his briefcase.

This story is amazing enough in its own right, but if you want some real Sunday night entertainment, check out  the brilliantly-penned police report. It's entirely worth the read.

[via Gawker]

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