So much for progress.

Black businessman Mark McHenry sued Landmark Steakhouse in Newport Beach, California after receiving two receipts where he was referenced using the n-word. A trial was supposed to begin next month, but lawyers for both sides reached a settlement on February 2. Still, that rectifies absolutely nothing.

The Chicago native moved to the Orange County community of Corona del Mar in 2007 and began visiting the bar at least twice a week. He says he heard employees throw jabs such as "black is the new white," but elected to let the bullshit pass. However, he couldn't let the events of December 5, 2010, slide.

On that fateful day, McHenry visited the bar twice. After checking his receipts the next morning, he noticed one read "McStinkynigger" and the other "McNigshit."Court documents show that a bartender called and texted McHenry several days after the incident attempting to apologize, saying he was "totally joking around." Clearly he realized what was at stake—his job, and ultimately his ass.

The guillotine was dropped on the bartender last March, one week after the suit was filed. After the "Ching" and "Chong" receipts in December, and "lady chinky eyes" debacle last month, we can't help but wonder what's next. 

[via BuzzFeed and MSNBC]

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