While the likes of unintentional "Bed Intruder" crooner Antoine Dodson and "Sh*t People Say" pioneers Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey have been able to make search history with their unexpected and addictive video reenactments of various happenings, sometimes there's a rising meme that just explodes for reasons no one can really understand. The latest bizarre trend blowing up Facebook mini-feeds everywhere? Cat Breading. (Think LOLcats, but with a trippy twist—each adorable kitten has been adorned with a slice of bread, which encases their little feline face.)

Why, you ask? Well, "Why the hell not?" appears to be the stance of countless sandwiching surfers, who just scored a legion of new fans after receiving a shout-out from Stephen Colbert a couple of days ago. Check out our gallery to see the weird new trend in full effect.

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