As of now, a single share of Apple stock is worth the price of an iPad 2.

The company's stock priced closed above $500 yesterday for the first time in its history and, at the time of this writing, appears to have settled there, trading at about $506 per share.

Apple's market capitalization remains over $470 billion, which is the highest of any company in the world. If it continues its upward march, the company could edge by Microsoft's peak record of $650 billion during the dot-com boom, which would make it the most valuable company in history.

The most recent cause for Apple's upward mobility is a higher-than-expected earnings report for the holiday season/first quarter of 2012, during which the company earned $13.06 billion of profit ot $46 billion in revenue.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook will speak at 3:30 PM ET today at Goldman Sachs' technology conference, where he'll no doubt be asked about the company's next steps, including what it plans to do with the over $100 billion in cash that its been saving up. You can listen in here.

[via AllThingsD]