The city of Cleveland's attempts to throw shade at Lebron James always come off like someone striking a dead horse for the thousandth, pointless time. In 2008, before James even skipped town, the Cleveland Scene ran a story about Lebron leaving a $10 tip on a $800 tab at XO Prime Steaks.

The Scene's latest foray into James' personal life is a highlight-reel of an interview with a former employee of the steakhouse, and she definitely aims high:

Here's how LeBron gets down at the steakhouse:

He tries to get around the automatic gratuity for large groups by claiming he's "not with" the other people at his table.

He demands that the waitstaff chop up his steak for him, and even once sent spaghetti back to the kitchen to be cut into smaller pieces.

He drinks appletinis. Appletinis! The only Appletini Michael Jordan knows is a stripper in Milwaukee.

The appletini thing is actually kind of funny, but come on. Attention Cleveland: Lebron left, Jordan hit that shot over Craig Ehlo in '89 and the Cavs uniforms are still horribly bland. Just get over it, the jilted lover role is a bad look.

[via Miami New Times]

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