This combination should satisfy everyone's inner fat kid.

Homebrewers Tom and Athena Seefurth are the evil geniuses who created the Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer. This is how they made the "debris-free" beverage, despite using a bunch of oregano, basil, tomato, and garlic: 

The Margarita pizza is put into the mash & steeped like a tea bag. A whole wheat crust made with water, flour & yeast is topped with tomato, oregano, basil & garlic. The essence of the pizza spices is washed off with hot water and filtered into a brewpot, where it is boiled for a long, long time. During the process, we add hops & spices in a cheesecloth type bag & filter the cooled liquid into a fermentation vessel. (big glass 6 gallon water jug). After a week or two, the beer is good to go. Keg it or bottle it

 It goes for $2 a bottle and you can buy it online. Pizza and beer are cool together, but in one bottle though? Anybody out there brave enough to test it?

[via Gothamist]

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