We all hear lots of stories about mind-numbingly stupid criminals, but what about mind-numbingly stupid cops? Well, here's one about a cop in Utica, N.Y., who was caught on his own dash camera apparently planting evidence in the SUV of a man who was stopped for a supposedly routine traffic violation.

As you can see in the video above, the cop can be seen at 1:02 pulling a small bag out of his pocket before leaning into the car. Then, at 1:31, he comes back out holding the same bag in a fashion suggesting that he'd just found it. Busted.

According to the Utica Phoenix, who obtained and posted the video, "it is said that this video has been widely distributed through the Black community, being shown in barbershops, and other public places. Its viewing has fueled the renewal of complaints long charged against the Utica Police of the planting of evidence and other abuses by the local force."

Whether the cop actually did plant something at the scene or if he was just caught on camera severely mishandling evidence, something strange is definitely afoot. The clip has been forwarded to the FBI "for review," despite the fact that the Utica Police Department has got their own "ongoing internal affairs investigation" into the matter.

[Via Gawker]