12. Bieber Nation Goes Ham on Esperanza Spalding

Compromised page: Esperanza Spalding

Year: 2011

Nearly everyone in attendance and watching from home was flabbergasted when Esperanza Spalding, the relatively unknown jazz singer/bassist, walked away with the 2011 Grammy award for Best New Artist. It's not just that she was the most unknown artist on the ballot, it's that she beat out Drake, Florence and the Machine, Mumford & Sons, and Justin Bieber for the honor. If you know anything about Bieber's legion of fans, you know they're rabid and pretty fucking crazy. True to form, Bieber Nation took to the Internet and attacked Spalding's Wikipedia page leaving a barrage of insults like, "Justin Bieber deserved it, go die in a hole. Who the heck are you anyway?" Where's the love?