Catfight—the mere utterance of this word sends most men into drooling fits of fantasizing about two female combatants glistening with sweat as they tear each other’s clothes to shreds. It's no wonder then why the film industry has repeatedly staged scraps between beautiful actresses.

The best all-female fights involve far more than stereotypical slapping or hair pulling. They thrill and shock us with intense choreographed violence that rivals anything male action stars like Bruce Lee or Bruce Willis ever did. Last month's action spectacle Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, for instance, was stolen from megastar Tom Cruise by gorgeous Complex cover girl Paula Patton, who squares off against the equally fine Lea Seydoux in her character's emotional climax.

This bout raised the bar for females everywhere and should even make Gloria Steinem glow with pride. But it is only the tip of the catfight iceberg, so to celebrate this time-honored tradition, we’re taking a look back at The 25 Best Girl-On-Girl Fights In Movies.

Written by Jason Serafino (@Serafinoj1)

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