Could the #1 spot really belong to any other show? Batman: The Animated Series didn’t just revolutionize the way we looked at superhero cartoons, or cartoons in general for that matter, but it can be argued that it also fundamentally changed the Dark Knight as a character. With mature storytelling and an art-deco design aesthetic, Batman: The Animated Series paid tribute to the Batman comics of the '70s and '80s, while bringing a stylized look that was reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood to Gotham City. 

The show helped define an interpretation of Batman that is still seen as the definitive version of the character to an entire generation of fans. In fact, it's still difficult not to hear Kevin Conroy’s intimidating, baritone Batman voice whenever we flip through the pages of Detective Comics.

The show adapted popular Batman stories directly from the comics, such as The Demon’s Quest and A Bullet for Bullock, but it also featured original stories and characters that proved to be so popular that they were quickly adapted into the comic book world. That should give you a sense of the show's importance. It's hard to find a word to describe Batman other than "perfection."