Q-Games has announced today that PixelJunk Eden, previously a PSN exclusive, will be heading to Steam next week for $9.99. It's only the second PixelJunk game to hit a non-Sony platform (Monsters went to Facebook late last year).

Studio head Dylan Cuthbert said that Steam is "a great platform for indie games" and they "had a blast revisiting it to prepare it for Steam."

There are a few minor alterations—the save system's been revamped, and players can warp back to their last rest point at any time now. The Steam version will include the game's "Encore" DLC packs, and the soundtrack (with unreleased tracks) will be released for $5.99. Early birds can get either or both for 20% off.

Did you play the game on PSN? Are you more likely to get it now that it's not a PSN exclusive? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.