The NYPD is launching an investigation to determine who seems to have accidentally shipped 35 pounds (16 kilos) of cocaine to the United Nations. The drugs were sent to the mail room of the U.N.'s  headquarters in Manhattan on January 16, stashed inside of hollow books sent from Mexico City.

The kilos were inside of two bags bearing the organization's logo. The package indicated no specific destination and lacked a return address, but NYPD deputy commissioner Paul Browne says they were routed through Cincinnati.

Spokesman Martin Nesirky was quick to note that the U.N. had no connection to the little gift, and the AP believesthat the coke might've been sent to the U.N. by mistake after traffickers misplaced the stash.

This is $2 million worth of blow we're talking about, so if that's the case, someone lost some fingers and most likely their life over this mix-up.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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