"Resident Evil 6" was revealed only yesterday, and already more details are emerging. Apparently Capcom's been working on the game in secret for years; unsurprising, given it's set to be released less than a year from now.

Andriasang's got more details from Capcom's RE Anniversary Premiere Party, which took place in Japan last night. Apparently the dev team is the largest in RE history, with 150 core people and around 600 when you include overseas and other contributors. That's simply staggering.

They're designing RE 6 to be "the ultimate horror entertainment" by ensuring that players are constantly afraid of what's ahead and overwhelmed by what's in front of them. They also announced the triumphant return of the series' old standby, zombies, apparently having heard oldschool fans' complaints about RE 4's Ganados and whatever they were called in RE 5.

One new enemy type, the Javo, was revealed as well, though with few details besides that it'll have an even greater bearing on the plot than the zombies will. The third character was also teased as "the man who's told to save the world."

Check out the trailer again above and let us know what you think about the upcoming sequel in the comments or on Twitter.