We get the feeling that editor of meat industry trade magazine Meatingplace, Lisa M. Keefe, doesn't like the Humane Society all that much. This feeling mostly stems from the fact that, in a recent editorial, Keefe took to comparing the organization to "Hitler." Generally, making comparisons such as that one does not indicate feelings of the warm/fuzzy variety.

At length, Keefe wrote the following:

History has hung Neville Chamberlain out to dry for trying to strike a deal with Hitler on the eve of World War II that would grant Germany some disputed lands that it claimed. In exchange, Britain's prime minister exacted a promise from Hitler not to invade Poland. This "policy of appeasement," as it's come to be called, failed miserably, in no small part because Hitler never intended to honor his side of the agreement. Poor Neville looked like he was played for a fool.

Readers think John Hansen, head of the Nebraska Farmers Union (NeFU), is being played for a fool in his efforts to collaborate with the Humane Society of the United States on issues of animal handling in that state.

Yeah...this comparison doesn't seem very accurate to us. At all.

[via Gawker]