If you act quickly, you can still make reservations for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle, because nothing says "I Love You" like fast food. For the sixth consecutive year, the restaurant will dress itself up and offer a romantic sit-down dining experience for lucky couples.

The one of a kind event features red table cloths, plastic flowers and "charming decorations" (check out the menu above). For added value, you get free desert  and a complimentary downloadable photo of your evening. Classy as hell, and with some locations serving liquor, the night could get pretty ratchet.

Don't clown this, because some people are dead serious about it. In fact, back 2009, one lucky couple got married at the world's largest White Castle located in Louisville, Kentucky (peep the eighth photo). If you're gonna do it, do it big right? Michigan and Ohio also hosted White Castle weddings last year.

Now that's fuckin' romance.

[via Huffington Post]

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