10. His 1988 Speech In Front Of Congress Against Film Alterations

During the ‘80s, Hollywood got caught up in a bit of a controversy when the Copyright holders on classic films took it upon themselves to colorize black-and-white movies in an attempt to make them more modern. However, there was a group of filmmakers at the time so staunchly against this movement that they went to Congress in an attempt to have these classic films preserved respectfully and properly. This eventually led to the National Film Registry, which is still in charge of taking historically significant films and keeping them the way we remember.

The ironic part is that George Lucas was one of the filmmakers that made an impassioned speech to Congress about this matter. He claimed the people changing these films for their own gain were “barbarians” and that this was a crime against the culture of humanity. Fast forward nine years, however, as Lucas would go on to make countless changes to his original Star Wars trilogy by adding lines of dialogue, extra special effects shots, and even a CGI rock band. We would say this is like the pot calling the kettle black, but we’re afraid Lucas would just get his team at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) to change the color of the pot.