Activision announced that two new multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 for players with Call of Duty: Elite premium subscription are available for download today.

The two maps — "Liberation" and "Piazza" — signal the beginning of Activision's "season of content" for Modern Warfare 3: Activision will release two new maps on Xbox 360 for CoD: Elite premium subscribers each month, for the next nine months.

The first few months' worth of levels will be available to non-subscribers as paid DLC this March. PS3-owning Modern Warfare 3 players will have to wait until a later date to pick up new levels.

"Liberation" is set in a miliatrized version of Central Park in New York, littered with machine gun nests and sniping spots, with mounted artillery located on either end. "Piazza" is a small Italian seaside town, with lots of tricky ambush points.