If you're a North American gamer, and looking forward to Mass Effect 3, then Bioware and Big Fish Games have an interesting offer for you. 

The Mass Effect figures that Big Fish is offering are certainly nice, and it's been revealed that the figures will be packaged with codes for DLC. According to Big Fish, the DLC will include "powerful weapons and new characters."

Certainly, those of us not planning on buying these figures, which will run $17.99 each or $67.99 for a set of four, should hope that the included DLC will be available separately later on.

As of now, there are two series' that are listed for sale: Series 1 [Tali, Thane, Grunt, and Shephard] and Series 2 [Miranda, Mordin, Legion, and Garrus]. 

The restrictions on these that we've learned is that they're for North American customers only, and that the codes are redeemable on Xbox 360 and PC ONLY. Sorry, Sony.

So, who's interested in these very nice figures with a little DLC thrown in?