10. The Painful Potty Prank 

Where: Elkton, Maryland
When: April 2011

On the eve of April Fool's day, even the most ordinary events become infused with fear and doubt. An Elkton man found this out the hard way when he went about his, err, business in a local Wal-Mart bathroom and ended up in a very sticky situation. As in, his ass was super-glued to the toilet, thanks to the work of a cruel prankster.

The 48-year-old victim was forced to call the police, who spent 15 minutes in the restroom trying to remove him from the toilet seat. Unsuccessful, they were forced to take the man, seat still glued to his butt, to the hospital. The seat was removed and left the victim with only minor injuries, but the embarrassment of being found pants-down, glued to a Wal-Mart toilet? That shit will last forever.