Mobs are starting to become an unlikely Christmas tradition. Waffle irons, retro Air Jordans—it takes so little to inspire mayhem these days.

Rowdy youth continued the developing the trend in MinneapolisMall of America, where an uncontrollable crowd of over 200 people turned an otherwise docile afternoon of after-Christmas shopping into chaos. 

According to the Star Tribune, a "smash-and-grab flash mob" erupted around 4:20 p.m, when a small-scale scuffle spawned several brawls and escalated into a raucous group of teens throwing chairs, stealing from shoppers and stores and sent fearful mall patrons into a screaming frenzy.

Unable to control the crowd, security put the super-sized commercial mecca on lockdown, forcing many stores to pull their gates down and close prematurely. Thankfully, despite social media rumors that claim otherwise, Bloomington police claim no weapons were fired, although "at least 10" people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Kids these days—is loitering aimlessly like we did back in the day not enough mall-based entertainment for them?

[via Star Tribune]