Atlus announced today that they'll be bringing Gungnir, a strategy RPG, over to the US. Here's the kicker: Gungnir, which hits US shelves on June 14th, will be released exclusively for the PSP. That's 112 days after the US release of the PS Vita, folks.

The game's plot revolves around a band of rebels and a noblewoman who gets her hands on a magical spear. The gameplay is based on traditional turn-based strategy: Every action a character can perform has a numerical "wait count". Obviously performing weaker attacks allows characters to move more frequently, while stronger attacks may take them out of the fight for a longer stretch.

Releasing games for older consoles is not unheard of: In fact, a couple of games this year were even released for the PS2. That said, given the PSP lackluster performance overall, it seems odd that a developer, even one as traditional as Atlus, wouldn't try and their hand at the newer and potential more successful platform.

Well, beggars can't be choosers, I guess. There aren't a whole lot of JSRPGs around, so if you're a fan of genre, I wouldn't get rid of that PSP just yet.