Best: Richard Harrow

Jack Huston's first appearance as Richard Harrow, the badly-scarred, Frankenstein's Monster-esque war veteran, late last season was magnetic; since then, the character has evolved into an instant fan-favorite. Huston was in fine form this year as Jimmy's dutiful number two, while also striking up a genuine friendship with Jimmy's wife, Angela (Aleksa Palladino).

We sure are glad he fought through his pain and didn't pull the trigger on himself in this season's all-around excellent "Gimcrack And Bunkum" episode, but what will he do now that his only two friends are dead? It's a credit to Huston, and Michael Pitt, that we wouldn't be mad if he avenged their deaths, no matter what that might mean for Nucky. Anyone who's stuck with just Gillian has our prayers, though.