Boardwalk Empire, HBO's epic organized crime period piece, executive produced by Martin Scorsese (and created by Sopranos vet Terrence Winter), was a hit in its 2010 debut season; so, naturally, it was one of this fall's most anticipated returning shows. And, we're glad to say, Season Two didn't disappoint, taking all of Season One's best attributes—cool sets, complex characters, and the opulence countered with the decadence that Atlantic City was, and still is, known for—and magnifying it.

There were double, triple, and quadruple crosses, illegitimate children, racial tension, and the most horrifying incest storyline imaginable. Despite a few bumps, Boardwalk Empire's second go-round was quite the ride; allow us to break down all of the components that made it such a triumph, as well as call out the few, minor negatives.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan

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