18. ReBoot (1994-1996, ABC; 1996-1997, syndicated; 1999-2001, Cartoon Network)

Even though it looks like a cave painting compared to what Pixar is putting out at the moment, ReBoot had some of the most cutting-edge CGI when it debuted in the mid-‘90s. The Canadian series appealed to the computer geek in all of us and no doubt inspired a generation of CGI artists, and, to a lesser extent, IT workers everywhere.

So what if any tech-savvy high school kid could probably create these graphics on their MacBook nowadays? When ReBoot first debuted, the kinetic action scenes and 3D world were some of the more marvelous sights a kid could behold. But due to the time and money it took to animate each episode, the show’s producers had a hard time putting out episodes without running into major problems. Unfortunately, that put a nail in ReBoot's coffin.