1. Rocko’s Modern Life (1993-1996, Nickelodeon)

There is little doubt that some of the best American cartoons of all time came from Nickelodeon during the '90s. Both kids and adults could enjoy the teenage neuroticism of Doug, or the completely sleazy and spellbinding crassness of Ren And Stimpy. However, Rocko’s Modern Life was head-and-shoulders above the rest of them.

Starring a good-natured wallaby named Rocko and his rotund friend Heffer, the show featured some of the most vulgar and satirical humor to ever grace a children’s cartoon, but it did so in a way that the younger audience was completely unaware of. The thinly-veiled crudeness was just part of the brilliance of the show, though. It was also unbelievably creative and charming, with a roster of memorable characters and storylines.

Sadly, whenever Nicktoons got the movie treatment or a small-screen revival, Rocko was always left-out in the cold. There is a small, rabid audience that still remembers this show fondly, yet somehow it is only just now being released on DVD for the first time.