16. Duckman (1994-1997, USA Network)

Duckman was different from other animated sitcoms on the air at the time because, unlike The Simpsons or Futurama, it offered very little to younger viewers. It was a nasty, sleazy show filled with morally bankrupt characters. Starring Seinfeld's Jason Alexander as a nude duck who happened to be a private detective, Duckman was crude, anthropomorphized bliss that appealed to the curmudgeon in all of us.

Honestly, this show was never going to last long due to its questionable content and truly reprehensible cast of characters, but it did well for itself thanks to a small, yet loyal, legion of fans. It can also be argued that Duckman is the most successful show to feature a cast-member of Seinfeld, unless you, unlike us, loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus' The New Adventures Of Old Christine.