When the Philadelphia Museum of Art was established back in 1876, founders had no idea the steps leading to the entrance would become the most famous in pop culture history. A century later, a struggling Sylvester Stallone penned Rocky, the definitive underdog sports tale.

The film defines the gritty spirit of Philadelphia, and the character embodies the city's blue-collar nature. That underdog attitude is in the air, runs up and down Broad Street and even seeps through the pores of Philly's sports teams. It's a city with a chip on its shoulder, and doesn't care if the world knows.

Nobody could've predicted that the 72 steps before the museum would hold this mythical spot in popular culture, but they do, all thanks to Rocky. Because of their fame, climbing the steps has been often imitated as tribute to Stallone's classic. Today marks the 35th anniversary of Rocky's release, so take a gander at the 10 Best Pop Culture Homages to the Steps Scene in Rocky.

Words by Julian Kimble @JRK316