9. Call of Duty: Elite

If any game service has ever needed a beta to explain to confused (and some irate) fans what it’s even for, it’d be Call of Duty: Elite. Call of Duty die-hards perpetually teeter on the edge of fury, praying that Activision won’t wave its greedy wand over the beloved, free-to-play-online multiplayer.

So when the news of Elite dropped earlier this year, the developers and producers knew they’d have to assuage fears of mandatory service payments with some public hands-on time.

For anyone not part of the beta this summer, or still in the dark about Elite, it’s free and it’s mostly just statistics. Two of the four main headings, Career and Improve, walk players through their performance in excruciating detail, from death and kill locations to hours (see: days, years) needed to prestige. Connect and Compete are geared towards streamlining community interaction for tournaments, casual matches, and everything in between.

This wasn’t a beta for a game, but it was a great look into the inevitable future for online shooters and the level of depth gamers can expect in the coming sequels to record-breaking franchises.