The Syrian government has decided to ban Apple's iPhone in an attempt to curb citizen journalism during the on-going protests. 

Activists are being served with notices by the Syrian Fiance Ministry's Customs Departement which say "The authorities warn anyone against using the iPhone in Syria," according to Lebanese news service Al Nashara. It also stated that owning or having an iPhone imported into the country is now illegal. 

Syrian authorities hope that by banning the iPhone, it will help stop protesters from recording police brutality and broadcasting it to the rest of the world. Since all foreign media has been baned from the country since March, citizen journalism is the only way for outsiders to know what is going on on the ground. 

This is just the latest tactic used by the Syrian government since the protests, which are pushing for a regime change and greater, freedoms kicked into high gear in March. Early in the summer there was a full Internet blackout in the country.

[Ha'aretz via Digital Trends