Joystiq reports that the lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games, which we can't believe is still going on, has begun to turn in favor of Epic. The suit was originally brought in 2007, when Silicon Knights claimed that Epic's Unreal Engine 3 support was "inadequate" after SK's much-hyped game Too Human ended up for all intents and purposes a failure.

Now a judge has granted a motion to dismiss the testimony of a financial analyst Silicon Knights brought to the case to compare Too Human's sales with those of games like GTA4 and Gears of War, which the judge deemed unfair. We're inclined to agree. It's also been revealed that "court documents" show that Silicon Knights was pursuing several other opportunities at the same time they were developing Too Human, which, while not uncommon, certainly isn't helping their attempt to blame someone else for why their game turned out shitty.

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