Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign has been tumultuous at best (though, to be fair, by his own hand), and it seems like his personal life in the past may have been as well. Court papers posted by CNN dispute what Gingrich has long been claiming was the reason for his split from first wife Jackie Battley - that she filed for divorce - instead showing that he was the one who filed for divorce from her.

This was because, as a confidant of the politician told CNN, Gingrich believed that she wasn't "young enough or pretty enough to the wife of a President."

The confidant, Leonard Carter, was Gingrich's early congressional campaign treasurer. Their friendship ended, according to Carter, because of the way Gingrich treated Battley. In addition to the revelation about the dissolution of Gingrich's first marriage, Carter added that Gingrich refused to pay alimony immediately following the divorce, and a church had to hold a food drive to gather food for Battley and her two daughters. This claim is supported by the court papers.

And the poll numbers keep dropping....

[Via NY Daily News]