How's this for a well-crafted pen: A 76-year-old woman in England had doctors remove a pen from her stomach that she accidentally swallowed 25 years ago, only for them to find out that the pen still actually writes. Gross, but undeniably cool.

The pen was discovered in her stomach by CT scan after she went to the doctor's complaining of diarrhea. She recalled "unintentionally" swallowing a pen 25 years ago while she was trying to prod at a spot on one of her tonsils with it. From the British Medical Journal, "Her husband and general practitioner dismissed her story and plain abdominal films done at the time were reported as normal."

The pen was then removed by endoscopy for her own safety, and doctors tested it out and discovered it still works fineTake that, Montblanc!

[Via Gawker]