This week's Ocean Marketing debacle—in which the President of a one-man company thought he could get away with being an unbelievable asshole on the internet—has provided some really great post-holiday entertainment. Only on the internet can a bully be bullied so hard (as Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik put it, he's the bully now). It almost makes you feel bad for Christoforo—a feeling that may be exacerbated once you read his confused, meandering interview with Gameranx.

"I didn't know who the dude was at Penny Arcade - I really didn't do anything wrong, and my reputation is ruined forever," he whines. No shit, dude. By the way, being a douche bag to someone from whom you believe you have nothing to gain still qualifies as wrong on most planets.

"A lot of people at the beginning were like 'bad press is good press'. What I'm going through is nothing nice right now. Bad press is bad press," he says. "If I go to a club tonight, is it going to make any difference – what happened on the internet? No. But do I care? Yeah." Only because the tables have turned, we're guessing.

The whole interview is really worth reading—almost everything the dude says comes off as shady or an outright lie. For now, though, we're probably done beating this poor dead horse. It's safe to say he'll probably never work in this industry again, so we can sleep a little easier at night knowing we won't have to work with him at PAX East, PAX West, or Germany.

Has the internet been too hard on him, or did he get what he deserves? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.