Always wear a gas mask, never breathe the dust, get to higher ground, and give a little charity. These are rules that could easily be applied to everyday life, but they work even better in the context of the upcoming downloadable title I Am Alive.

We've seen plenty of post-apocalyptic doomsday games, but this one may have more survival elements than we're used to. Set in Chicago, it definitely lays the atmosphere on thick (literally), and any way of innovating in a genre that gets more stale every year is welcome as far as we're concerned. The gas mask mechanic was evocative in Metro 2033, and the idea of having to get to higher ground for a breath of fresh air once in a while may drive gameplay the forward.

How's this look to you? Are you done with the apocalypse genre or will you give it a shot on XBLA, PSN or PC? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.