30-yeard-old Navy veteran Joshua "Weed Man" Long hails from North Carolina, but has found sanction by the Planet Hollywood in Times Square. He's easily identified by his "Help! I Need Money For Weed!" sign, which he figured would help him make about $200 during a four to five hour post. The NYPD, however, didn't appreciate his hustler's ambition.

Long, who left the weed alone long ago, says he's been illegally harassed and arrested by cops for "lawfully begging and promoting marijuana tolerance." This resulted in Long suing the city and his tormentors, and on Monday a judge approved a stipulation saying that police will not arrest the Weed Man, as long as he abides by the law.

If he's not in people's way and doesn't even have weed on him, just let him rock.

[via Gawker and New York Times]

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