The Humble Indie Bundle #4 went live not long ago, and you have the next 2 weeks to grab one for yourself. For those of you who aren't familiar, the Humble Indie Bundle is a collection of games that are offered on a sort of pay-what-you-want basis, and extra games are tossed in for those who pay more than the average. Notable inclusions in this bundle would be the insanely difficult Super Meat Boy, and the gorgeous Bit.Trip Runner.

What's really cool about the bundle is a set of adjusters near the bottom that allow you to set how much of your donation goes to the developers or the charities they support. The charities supported by this bundle are Child's Play and The American Red Cross.

For the amount of quality indie games you get and the money you pay, you absolutely can not beat the value. And on top of that, the charities involved are great organizations that could use your help.

The games themselves are for PC, Mac, and Linux, unless otherwise noted. And make sure to sign up for the Humble Bundle's mailing list, so you can know about upcoming bundles as soon as they go live.

And for those of you who are feeling extra charitable this season, check out these two other bundles currently running:

The 99% Bundle [note that this bundle is not donating money to charity, but that should not stop you from supporting the indie community and helping out passionate developers by buying their awesome games, they gotta eat too.]

Little Big Bunch 

So give a little, and enjoy your holidays!