Gravity Rush is the latest title from Keiichirou Toyama (of Silent Hill and Siren fame), and as a PS Vita launch title it looks pretty fantastic. The above trailer hit alongside one for Wipeout 2048 and a few others, and while it looks fantastic, we sort of prefer the original Japanese title (Gravity Daze: The Perturbation Born In Her Inner Space On The Way Back To The Higher Spheres). Much better.

The game stars Kat, an amnesiac young girl with a cat, who somehow gains the ability to control gravity. That's what you're seeing in the trailer—she can re-orient herself so that any surface can be considered the "ground." Combined with the comic book cut scenes and action-oriented combat, we may have a hit on our hands.

How's the PS Vita launch shaping up in your opinion? Has the 3DS gained enough traction finally for the PlayStation handheld to be a non-issue like the last gen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.