What would make a 74-year-old college professor turn her home into a meth lab? Was it desperation, Breaking Bad or some burning desire to hustle? Whatever it was has Irina Kristy in hot water for allegedly running a meth operation out of the Somerville, Massachusetts home she lives in with her son.

Kristy has yet to face any disciplinary action from Boston Univeristy where she teaches full-time, but Suffolk University has placed her on administrative leave, temporarily suspending her adjunct professor duties. Prior to moving meth in a school zone, she had taught math at both schools for over twenty years.

Gawker looked her up on RateMyProfessors.com, where students complained about her accent, but recommended her for an easy A. If she can avoid jail, she should teach criminology and meth cooking courses at her home. Thick accent and all.

[via Gawker and boston.com]

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