Talal Nasser and his brother were working behind the counter of the Circle T Market in Riverbank, California when two robbers stormed in demanding money with an AK-47. Talal's father and owner of the store, Amin, briefly watched this unfold before calmly taking action.

The video above shows Amin follow 20-year-old Leobardo Ramos behind the counter, where he took the weapon from him and pinned him to the ground-all with a grin on his face. Ramos pleaded for his release, saying that he had knocked over three other stores that night and would surely spend the rest of his life behind bars. That sad bargain probably made the elder Nasser laugh even harder.

At the end of the video, you can see Ramos attempt to shake Nasser's hand as he's escorted away by police. Talk about being sonned by someone else's dad.

[via Los Angeles Times and KTXL]

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