Want the government to notice you? Well, according to privacy advocates at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, it's a pretty simple feat! The Department of Homeland Security monitors social networks, creating fake accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter to follow people who post statuses that include certain flagged words.

So, the next time someone random friend requests you, just think, it could be the federal government!

The so-called flagged words are the following: "human to animal," "collapse," "infection," "outbreak," and "illegal immigrants." The EPIC says that using any of the following words could attract someone from the DHS to follow you, track your activity, monitor everything you post, and report it all to local, state, federal, and even foreign governments. According to Gawker, it's not too clear how the EPIC compiled its list of words, but they're suing the government to seek access to the data that the DHS has been compiling. 

So if you want all those guys in Washington to know what you did last weekend, you know what to tweet.

[Via Gawker]