Last night, Oneal Ron Morris gave her first interview to Entertainment Tonight, claiming to be "innocent or whatever." As you remember, Morris has been accused of giving patients butt injections using cement, Fix-a-Flat and other things that have no place inside of the body. As more victims come forward, the plot to this odd tale continues to thicken.

Morris was initially arrested two weeks ago after a "patient" spoke up about the year and a half of suffering she'd endured after her procedure. Morris bonded out of jail, but was arrested again as more victims came forward with similar stories. Most recently, one victim told the horrifying tale about the aftermath of facial injections, courtesy of Morris.

Morris says the accusations are destroying her life, and maintains her innocence. Or whatever. She's due in court in a few weeks, and police anticipate even more victims will offer painful accounts of their health problems. No telling how this one will turn out.

[via Miami New Times]

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